Global Ölçekte CK Enerji ve Volthread İş Birliği

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Volthread, CK Enerji'ye uçtan uca IT hizmeti vermektedir. ITSM Süreçleri, Elektrik Faturalandırma ve Ücretlendirme Yazılım Geliştirme Hizmeti, Orta Katman ve DevOps Yönetimi, Middleware - API - SOA/ESB yazılım geliştirme hizmetleri, Oracle Utilities danışmanlık hizmetleri... vb. bir çok alanda CK Enerji grubu ile ortak projeler yürütmekteyiz.

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CK Enerji, three regions of Turkey and seven provinces, serves 8.4 million electricity consumers with an annual distribution and sales capacity of 40 billion kilowatt-hours. Within CK Enerji, there are entities operating in wholesale electricity sales such as CK Enerji Partnership Wholesale Electricity Sales Inc., in electricity distribution such as Mediterranean Electricity Distribution Inc., Bosphorus Electricity Distribution Inc., and Çamlıbel Electricity Distribution Inc., and in retail electricity sales such as CK Mediterranean Electricity Retail Sales Inc., CK Bosphorus Electricity Retail Sales Inc., and CK Çamlıbel Electricity Retail Sales Inc.

CK Enerji

CK Enerji, proud to be the leading energy company in Turkey, which boasts the world's fastest-growing energy market, invests in its workforce, technical infrastructure, and electronic hardware with the motto "Always with You."

What Did We Deliver to CK Enerji?


Volthread provides end-to-end Managed Service solutions, Consulting, Middleware & SOA development services, Oracle Utilities CC&B - C2M - MDM project implementations. Volthread and CK Enerji collaborate as business partners. CK Enerji serves 8.4 million electricity consumers with an annual distribution and sales capacity of 40 billion kWh.

The nationally developed software WLSDM, created by Turkish engineers working at the Volthread company, stands as a source of great pride and motivation for our team. This native software seamlessly integrates with global products without adding any extra performance burden to the system, providing high added value to our work in the field of Information Technology.
Cemal TUNCEL @ CK Enerji
Cemal TUNCEL @ CK Enerji
IT System Architecture Manager


  • Quick Configuration Wizard
  • Responsive UI
  • Historical Data & Reports


  • Monitoring JMX Objects Monitoring
  • APP Response Time
  • Monitoring Back-End Resources


  • Monitoring WebLogic Logs
  • Monitoring WebLogic JVM Profiling Dumps And Custom Actions


  • Thread Dump Analyzer
  • WLST Web Console Scheduler Module
CK Energy achieved what?
After using WLSDM & WL-OPC solutions with their existing solutions. (In Their Own Words)
"With the native software solution WLSDM, we can now anticipate field issues in advance and deliver faster resolutions for our personnel and customers, thanks to the continuity of application systems." - IT System Architecture Manager @ CK Enerji

Through Volthread's WL-OPC Solution, CK Energy achieves Operational Excellence with Powerful WebLogic Domain Monitoring.

  1. Central Monitoring and Control

    The capability to monitor over 300 WebLogic domains on a single screen enables CK Energy to manage its IT operations from a central location.

  1. Quick Problem Diagnosis

    WL-OPC provides CK Enerji experts with the ability to quickly detect issues and intervene instantly in performance declines in critical systems.

  1. Operational Efficiency

    Through automated alerts and customizable reports, the CK Enerji IT team improves operational efficiency while at the same time enhancing the security and performance of systems.