You can monitor and visualize your outbound service performance data easily!

VOI Key Features

01 - Interactive Dashboards: Display Last 24 Hours Data in a Single Dashboard

02 - Notifications Page: Search and Display Alert and Clear Notifications Including HTML Content

03 - Customizable Modern HTML Notifications

04 - Instant SMS Notifications

05 - Status Tracking By End Point (Alert and Clear Notifications)

06 - Create Complex but Simple Monitoring Configurations

07 - Integrate Your Sub-Systems

08 - Integrated Hybrid Security Layer: Local and LDAP Authentication

09 - Easy Installation: Just Download and Run

10 - Integrate Your APM Tool

11 - WLSDM/VOPM: Integrate and Visualize Your WLSDM/VOPM Monitoring Data Easily

12 - Log Monitoring Console: Monitor Your Application Log Files

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